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Historic Renovation of Late 1700’s Barn

This barn is part of history. And because of the historical significance of it, it is a complex project to restore it and keep it true to the time period it was built. This means reusing over 200 year old bricks as well as other materials that are close to the original products used back then. It belongs to the Oldest Distiller in the country. The rich history of Lairds Applejack features many events that includes connections to George Washington, all the way to the 1930’s prohibition and their ability to produce their medicinal Applejack.

House Lift and Structural Steel Installation

Tribar completed this house in an AE zone. The house was lifted 12 foot in the air and a foundation with steel supports were installed. The homeowner wanted a floating deck all around the house so he did not lose his driveway on the side. A raft footing was installed, as well as Helical piling per the engineer. Because of the house being in an AE zone, the house was built on columns, and the walls were filed in using CMU blocks, but engineered to break away if the house was hit with severe tidal flooding.

Bahrs Landing – New Outdoor Patio and Fireplace

Installed retaining safety wall in the parking lot of Bahrs Landing. This wall had to be built to the specs provided by the engineer to protect the newly created outdoor dining area from the parking lot. The footing and walls contained a lot of structural reinforcement and due to the slope of the driveway all new drainage needed to be installed. This wall also helped as a privacy wall and sound barrier from the parking lot. The decorative stone is peanut stone, a native bedrock to Monmouth County. The look of these rocks, is a conglomerate of iron and quartz.

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