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House Lifting Basics

Tribar Services Is Your Full Service House Lifter

Tribar Services has lifted over 200 homes all over New Jersey. The lifting takes the home out of harms way from flooding, while adding value to the house. The first question asked is how much to lift the house. Lifting a house ranges from $17,000 to $50,000. For a complete job, including the items mentioned below, total cost can range from $60,000 to over $100,000. ICC funding of$30,000 is available to customers with flood insurance. The actual lift is just the beginning of the process. Keep reading below for the steps involved.

Step 1: Engineering: This will consist of a property survey, elevation certificate, and lift and foundation plan. The foundation plan will also include information on your new stairs, flood vents, supports, openings, just to name a few. These items are required for the work to begin, and an accurate price to be given for your project. This paperwork will help you identify how high your house needs to go per FEMA requirements. Most BFE (Base flood elevations are 4 to 5 feet. To have the greatest protection and lowest flood insurance you need to be 3 feet above the BFE for your area. The approximate cost for the initial elevation certificate and survey is between $1,500 to $2,000.

Step 2: Permit requirements: Each town has different requirements for the permits. You will need to have a completed engineer plan for the lift and foundation detail, and elevation certificate, and a survey. In addition to this you will need to disconnect the utilities to your home.

Step 3: Permit application: You and your contractor will apply for the required permits to complete the job. House lift work starts when you have the approved permit. The average permit cost is based on your town and the cost of the project. Budget around $1,400 – $1,800 for permits. This is based on previous permit experiences.

Step 4: House lifting: The lifter will prepare the house for the lift (ex remove landscaping, make holes in foundation, separate the house from foundation, etc.) This is usually included in the lift price, but not all house lifters are the same. It is important to ask every question you have, even if you think it is silly. They will then lift the house to be able to install the new foundation.

Step 5: Foundation: Basement or crawl space will have be filled to meet the outside grade. A concrete slab will be installed and your new foundation wall be constructed to the height per your architect or engineer plans. Openings will be left for flood vents, door, window as per the plans.

Step 6: House set-down: Set down the house and attach to the foundation. It will be attached using anchor bolts or straps as required per your plan.

Step 7: Stairs, utilities, etc.: You will need to have stairs installed and reconnect all your utilities. This is something most house lift or masons will not be able to do. It is very important to ask about additional work that is required for you to be able to move back home again.

Tribar Services is a full service house lift contractor and can lift your house and set it down in approximately 1 month. Other companies turn around times varies. Utility disconnects are also varied and out of the control of the contractor, but we suggest planning to be out of your house for 3-4 months.


Family owned and operated since 1995, we pride ourselves on maintaining deep ties to our community, while delivering a lasting and sustainable (literal) foundation for our clients.

Not only do we lift houses, but we also do foundation repairs, basement slabs, retaining walls, decorative stone & structural updates.

With our all-in-one full-service house lifting, we provide a single point of contact to our network of designers, architects, and associated contractors; while handling all house lifting, foundation, and masonry work ourselves. For such a difficult, intricate, and dangerous job as lifting a house, even a small mistake can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Being full-service, we eliminate these communication issues, leading to an overall safer environment and thusly providing you with a greater peace-of-mind. We also eliminate overhead, saving you money, and streamline the entire process, saving you time and frustration.

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